Dr. Erskine brings an entrepreneurial and creative passion that is often desired by business students. For example, he co-founded Developing Minds Software, Inc. and Carbonplast Event Services. The practical knowledge gained through developing these ventures, including developing business plans, financing and growing these technology start-ups has provided many excellent examples that I have incorporated into my teaching and recommendations for other start-ups.

Developing Minds Software, Inc.

In 2006, several University of Colorado Denver students and faculty, including myself, decided to enter a business plan competition judged by a panel of business experts. As finalists in 2007, we decided to revamp our plan for resubmission in 2008 (for which we won 1st place) and actualized our plan by launching Developing Minds Software, Inc.

Carbonplast Event Services, Inc.

This boutique event management company specialized in commercial events and operated from 2000-2003 in Boulder, Colorado.