Michael A. Erskine, Ph.D. strives to be an outstanding teacher and mentor for all of his students. To do so, Dr. Erskine takes time to understand who his students are and why they have chosen information systems as their major. As the majority of students in information systems courses are pursuing business or information technology related careers, Dr. Erskine uses numerous real-world examples to help students make connections with their learning. Specifically, his courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to function as business or information systems professionals. To ensure a valuable learning experience, four principle activities are applied:

Demonstrating his commitment to teaching and learning, Dr. Erskine’s teaching evaluations, received at the University of Colorado Denver, are provided below. The detailed evaluation can be seen by selecting the course title. Along with the course title, the average instructor rating, department average and campus average ratings are shown in parentheses, respectively.